Head of Retention
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Head of Retention


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*+5 years of experience of digital performance marketing with a focus on customer retention and multichannel approach *The data-driven mindset with a focus on real-time performance optimisation, with an ability to organise and crunch data, interpret metrics and identify trends *Experience leading teams, demonstrating the ability to lead and deliver on various projects, perform well under pressure, and excel in providing reliable and clear communications *Love for problem solving and bring creative solutions that challenge the status-quo Passion to build great things, take risks and *Dedicated and strong attention to detail and a passion for storytelling, psychology and advertising *Curious and engaged, you stay informed on evolving technologies, trends and platforms to be up to date. *Excellent skills in planning, organizing, coordinating, and prioritizing across cross-functional teams. *High sense of urgency and ability to work well in a fast-paced environment *Strong written and verbal communication skills *Fluent english


Responsible for the strategy and execution of customer engagement, experience and retention initiatives to increase the customer lifetime value while providing an always improving and personalized experience. Lead the retention team defining roadmaps, initiatives and priorities, while doing problem solving and thriving in a fast-paced and execution focused environment.



Now, let?s talk about the benefits of working with us. Live Where You Want Proximity doesn?t influence productivity. As a global distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want. Take Vacation (Seriously) Yes, we?re growing and need your undivided attention, but we encourage you to take a vacation! It?s important to get out and do something. Up Your Game We love to see our people growing fast. We budget for it! Think courses, conferences, events? it?s really up to you and your manager. What to Expect Full-time, Shifting schedules Freelance/Home-based What We Have to Offer You Competitive salary Very good growth opportunities based on a result oriented compensation plan Like we said, trainings and development opportunities are on us!

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